Step 1: Choose Your Vessel

White Cornmeal Patties Stuffed with Meat & Cheese

White Corn Tortillas Stuffed with Meat & Cheese

Flour Tortillas Stuffed with Rice, Black Beans, Meat, & Melted Cheese

“The Bowl”
Rice, Beans, Meat, & Cheese

Step 2: Pick Your Protein

Pollo Estofado
Braised Chicken

Braised Pork

Roasted Sweet Potatoes & Black Beans

Black Beans & Queso Fresco

Step 3: Select Your Sauces

Venezuelan Guacamole

Cilantro & Green Onion Sauce

Chipotle Crema

Roasted JalapeÑo Pepper Salsa
Salsa Verde

Roasted Garlic Sauce

“Stupid Hot” Sauce
Step 4: Any Extras?

Rice & Beans

Double the Meat

Step 5: Thirsty?

Mexican Coca Cola

Jarritos Mexican Coke

Canned Sodas